Deep Development Capacity

The strategies applied in special warfare require a thorough understanding of the deep core, underlying structures of the comprehensive Human Domain. This understanding requires specific knowledge, skills and attitudes; and calls for a suitable capacity to enable and reinforce deployed SF-teams: the Deep Development Capacity (DDC).

Why Deep Development Capacity?

Since the Human Domain (i.e. population, social groups, stakeholders and interests groups) of our operational theaters is not uniquely male, there is an operational need for female members in the Deep Development Capacity in order to gain insights that are more diverse and obtain broader access. Until now, our exclusive-male operator audience cannot reach 65% of the population in our deployment environment, due to cultural or religious reasons. By definition, our teams need a more diverse composition to interact in the most productive way with the local environment and thus be able to truly make use of the Human Domain approach.


The female members of the Deep Development Capacity will execute the same tasks as their male colleagues: research, analysis, key leader and tribal engagements, human network development and synthesis; both in reach back capacity and deployed in the VUCA environments.

Women in the Special Forces Group

The Special Forces Group aims to be gender neutral. Recruitment of personnel is based on criteria like motivation, knowledge, skills and mindset and all female personnel already present in the unit was headhunted for their competences in their respective domain, not gender related. However, due to the operational necessity, the current selection of personnel for the Deep Development Capacity will be focused on female members. This selection has nothing to do with the Qualification course to become a SF operator. Women who wish to become SF operator are free to participate in the selection, as the Qualification course has always been open to men and women.