Special Forces Assault Explosive Ordonance Disposal operator (SF A-EOD)

In the current conflicts, where the use of improvised explosive devices is a constant threat, the SF Gp is looking for soldiers who, in addition to the heavy responsibility of tracing these explosives and making them harmless, can also be mentally, physically and tactically integrated into a Special Forces operation , together with the SF operators.

Capacities A-EOD?

Apart from his physical and mental capacities, he must have the technical capacities and sufficient language skills to succeed in international training. The SF Gp prefers petty officers because the SF A-EOD must be able to be deployed as a team leader EOD.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal

EOD involves the detection, identification, evaluation, render safe, cleaning up and disposal of explosive items. In practice, EOD operations deal with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), mines, munitions and sub-munitions, artillery shells and mortar bombs, hand and rifle grenades, guided missiles, rockets and aircraft bombs among other items.

Formation A-EOD

The SF Assault EOD follow an “enablers” path at the Special Forces Group. This process is a demanding training and selection over several months, whereby the candidate is taught a thorough form of self-reliance to be integrated into an SF team. This integration means that the A-EOD can accompany the SF operators shoulder to shoulder during their difficult assignments in conflict areas with a high IED risk.