Candidacy – Civilians

Requirements for candidacy

For civilians – persons not active in the Belgian Defence or within the European Union

No civilian recruitment

The SFG does not recruit directly from the civilian population, therefore candidates must first be enlisted in the Belgian armed forces and complete their candidacy in one of the basic functions.

Get enlisted

In order to be accepted as a candidate for the Special Forces Group, you have to take in account the following steps.

    • First present yourself in the Defense House of your province or apply via the site of the Belgian Defense (
    • After enlistment, candidates will receive an invitation for a medical and psychological evaluation and a physical test.
    • After passing these tests you can start your military training and your candidacy in a basic function:
      • For privates = 3 years
      • For Non-commissioned Officers candidates = 5 years (Saffraanberg NL-FR)
      • For Officer candidates = 7 years (Royal Military Academy) or 3 years with a bachelor diploma.


It is recommended that candidates interested in the Special Forces Group enlist in a para-commando unit because the A-commando and A-para certificates are necessary for becoming an operator.