Candidacy – Military

Requirements for candidacy

For active members of the Belgian military or the department of defense within the European union


    • All currently serving members of the Belgian Defense have the opportunity, after their candidacy in a basic function to apply for the Special Forces Group.
    • To begin the process you will need to – after publication of the yearly evocation (around June-July of the preceding year) – via your CSM make a Mod B and send it to HRB-VR/GROUND/SYNTH.
    • It is recommended to send the MITS Nr of the Mod B to the Br 1 of the Special Forces Group so they can do a follow-up of your appliance.
    • Via your S2 apply for a security clearance (NATO SECRET).


If selected, the candidate will be invited for a medical examination and psychological evaluation. Candidates must be found medically fit for service as para-commando in order to meet the requirements to begin the SF Q-course.