How to prepare for Q-Course?


The Belgian Special Forces Qualification course is an extremely demanding selection course with a
duration of 6 months. The requirements are not only having an excellent physical condition, but also
good intellectual capacities and a strong mental state. Even though all requirements are equally
important, experience shows us most candidates pull out due to a lack of physical preparation. Unless you are already an exceptional athlete, nobody is able to succeed the Q-course without specific preparation. Although it might be obvious for every candidate how to become a military athlete, this training program will give you some guidelines and an in detail training program.

Preparation for the Belgian Special Forces Q-course goes beyond the everyday life physical fitness.
Preparation for the Q-course is all about functional fitness.

Functional fitness is the development of many fitness qualities such as; maximal strength, strength-
endurance, mobility, flexibility, power, speed, and agility for enhanced performance for specific
demands. In the end, functional fitness for the tactical athlete enhances their performance in the field and minimizes the risk of injuries, in this case, surviving the Belgian Special Forces Q-course.

Going through the Special Forces Q-course means having the ability to exhibit high levels of strength
in light of fatigue and compromised, stressful situations i.e. lack of sleep, having heavy equipment on, etc., and to deal efficiently with a great variety of situations and oppositions.

Lastly, functional fitness for the tactical athlete requires them to be resilient to injury under all the
varying circumstances they may encounter in the field.

The demands for the Q-course candidate are extreme and unique as their physical fitness can be or
will be tested under extreme circumstances, highly unpredictable situations and with no room for

It is not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that will make the difference.

To prepare yourself for the Q-Course, you’ll need a combination of three elements:
Discipline, healthy lifestyle and physical training.
Each of these elements needs the other two to succeed. It takes effort to train on a daily basis and it
is impossible to grow your stamina and physique if you do not feed yourself properly and listen to your body.

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Some advice

Pass the MTLG – TMAP (annual physical military tests): 70% is required.

When preparing yourself for the stage it is very recommended to do long (>20km) marches with backpack in all terrain while navigating using map and compass. Doing long endurance sports such as running and swimming as well as a fitness can only prepare your body more to the harsh physical demands of the stage. Swimming, crossfit and fitness can help.

No special technical skills are required but basic knowledge of English, IT and a general cultural knowledge are recommended. Basic military skills are a must.

Most important are an extraordinary motivation and a solid mental state!