History of the unit.

In January 1942 the first Belgian parachutists were trained in Ringway, England. The same year, the Belgian Independent Parachute Company was established and commanded by Captain E. Blondeel. Later, the unit was divided by the Special Air Service Brigade and became known as the Belgian SAS squadron. The SAS squadron was active during WWII until enemy activities were discontinued. They performed several operations using the parachute regiment and armored jeeps. Thereafter, the unit also took part in counter intelligence operations..

after the war.

In 1951 on January 3th the two Regiments SAS and Commando where united to become the Paracommando Regiment. From the 1st of April on they will carry the names 1e Battalion Para and 2e Battalion Commando.

In 1955 the SOE (Speciale Opsporings eenheid), translated as the Special Detection Unit, was created and included operators from all divisions of the Army. The unit was dependent on the 1st Belgian Corps and was commanded by Captain J. BYL and succeeded by Major R. Tagnon.

1964 till 1994.

In 1964, the first Company ESR-GVP (Equipes Spéciales de Reconnaissance-Gespecialiseerde VerkenningsPloegen), translated as the Specialized Reconnaissance Teams, was officially established with R. Tagnon as the first Corps commander. The company was made up of team members from the Army and a Para Commando detachment. They worked in conjunction with all the division as well as the 1st Belgian Corps. The unit consisted of 16 teams of 4 operators as well as support members, for a total of about 120 men. The unit was stationed in Weiden, then in Euskirchen, and finally in Spich until it was disbanded in 1994.

after 1994.

In 1994, the detachment LRRP (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol) was established following the tradition of the 1st GVP-ESR. The LRRP was dependant on the Para Commando brigade and was stationed in Heverlee till it was disbanded in 2000..

In April 2000, the Special Forces Group was established from the 3rd Regiment Lanciers Parachutisten and was moved to Flawinne.

In 2012 the SF Gp moved again to the Heverlee barracks and became part of the Light Brigade which recently transited to the Special Operations Regiment.