Close protection agents – DAS

In order to contribute to the close protection of Belgian senior officials in foreign countries, the Belgian Special Forces Group created a Detachment of Security Agents (DAS) cell. The SF Gp is responsible for the selection, formation and advanced training of the DAS agents.


The DAS training forms close protection specialists in order to guide and protect the senior officials on duty abroad. Their training requires advanced physical training, as well as varied techniques such as the manipulation of multiple weapons, direct medical support, vehicle driving skills and advanced communication skills.


The agent needs to fulfil a specific psychological profile, where maturity, integrity, discretion, self-control and a certain action-intelligence is required to be able to evaluate current or future threats. At the end of the DAS training cycle, which takes many months, candidates have to execute several complex exercises that reflect the reality of their future missions.

Constant improvement

Considering their regular involvement in multiple countries and the evolution of the threat, already-trained agents have to be constantly retrained.